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Rebecca Caviness
United States
Current Residence: Orange, CA
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Time!  The 30 day drawing challenge is completed!  And I beat it in only 47 days when I was prepared to take 90!  I'm slow folks, and I have a full time job and a household to take care of, plus I've been trying to keep up with yoga so that I don't atrophy in my old age.  That doesn't leave a lot of time to draw, so I decided I could do a drawing every three days.  I was able to beat that goal!  Hurrah!

I'm sorry, but I'm probably not going to be this active again for a while.  I have a lot on my plate right now, hence the longer breaks between the last few days of the challenge.  We're moving to a new apartment and that's going to be taking a lot of my time with packing and moving until mid to late November.  My Husband has ICE and his final board exams coming up next week and I want him to focus on that, so I'm going to try and do a lot of packing so he doesn't have to worry about the upcoming move.

I'm not pleased about moving.  We need the cheaper rent for a while, but it means we needed to move farther from work and get a roommate.  Fortunately our roommate is going to be our great friend and comrade in art :iconmj-battle:!  That seriously softens the blow of me being married, in my 30's and still needing a roommate.  But that's the economy these days.  There are plenty of folks worse off than me, and I've missed seeing Markus since he's been so busy lately.  It will be nice to have more time with him and to help him eat a little better. He's been trying to cook more and he doesn't really know where to start.  Otra and I will be glad to help him out!  All things considered, it doesn't really feel like a downgrade.  It's a great place and we'll only need to share the common areas.  There's plenty of privacy and we'll gain more time with one of my best friends, and that's really awesome!

So be well everyone!  I can't stay artistically dormant for too long because my Husband wants me to draw something for his Dad's cigar box guitar.  But it will have to wait until after we move to tackle it.

Commissions are currently closed.
I also do erotic art.  :police:  This site contains nudity and sexual themes!  Do not enter if you are offended by such things.  

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petagama Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
Thanks for the fav!!
animeniax Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Hey there I hope you are doing haven't seen you guys for a while......
WimpleToad Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
It was great hearing from you today! I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! :D Candice and Markus will be there too. Be well lady!
animeniax Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
Becky!!!!!! awwwwwwww :hug: it was really great to hear from you too :) and I can't wait to see you guys again. Back at you too the best wishes :)
LumpyGravy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haavent been around in a while so i thought I would drop by and say HI :)
WimpleToad Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011
Hola! I hope you've been busy with rewarding pass times. :) My last lizard commission reminded me of your very detailed style. Man! I don't know how you have the patience for all that noodling! My respect for your art is freshly renewed!
oecn Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011   Traditional Artist
thanks :peace: :nod:
LumpyGravy Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks a bunch for the fave :)
WimpleToad Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
You are very welcome! :)
charseeb Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010

I will make an exhibition in Lausanne in september of "curiosa", and I need some contemporain artist to add.
I noticed the high quality of your work.
I have original works of Georges Pichard, Hans Bellmer, Félicien Rops, etc.
Is it possible to command you original drawings or ink of female galley slaves, rowing under the whip?

I wait for your answer and prices for different sizes, group of slaves, etc...
Yours sincerely, Charles
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